Ever scolded your parents for skimping on the Rapunzel genes when creating you?  Slammed your fist on the table in awe of Mila Kunis’ mane?  Let’s face it; we would all love thick, luscious hair- but what if she’s NOT born with it?  Girl gotta go out there and get it herself!  When talking mermaid locks, tape hair extensions are the bee’s knees.  Not only are they non-damaging to the hair, totally versatile and a fave among celebs, they’re also 100% pain free, reusable and can last for up to 10 weeks!  Here’s everything you need to know about tape hair extensions and why you should shine in the sun with them this autumn.


First of all, who doesn’t love silky long hair with added thickness?  Tape hair extensions deliver the goods and provide just that!  Swish your new style down the street and lap up envious herbal-essence-esque looks like it’s nobodies business. 


While other forms of extensions, such as heavy micro rings can leave horrifying bald patches and nasty glue bonds in hair for months- tape hair extensions are the most non-damaging to the scalp and hair.  Meaning?  You wont be another hair extension horror story.  Hair Establishment Salon owner Taliah says that over the years she has seen many women and some men come into the salon with snapped, broken and extremely damaged hair due to BAD extensions.  “I’ve been doing tape extensions since I was 21- so I know my stuff,” says Taliah.  “The weight of the tape is easily matched by the section used to support it, unlike heavy alternatives.”  And the best part?  Tape hair extensions can be reused up to three times with proper care!


Pre-taped thin hair wefts are applied one inch wide over the entire head using a sandwiching effect- simply layering your natural hair with the extension tapes in less than one hour!  Its no wonder why this method of hair extensions is the most requested worldwide.


At Hair Establishment Salon we pride ourselves on selling the highest quality hair on the market.  Only the healthiest of human hair makes the cut and then undertakes a rigorous 12 step process to make sure it’s exactly perfect- anything less will not suffice!  With proper care, our high quality remy human hair lasts even longer (9 months-1 year to be exact), and can be re-used up to four times.  Extra Virgin hair takes things to another level, again.  Single pony sourced locks undergo a unique process to allow hair to last longer- up to 2 years!


Still need convincing?  Nah.  But we’ll let you in on an extra bonus anyway, because we love looking after our ladies!  Extensions can also be a great way of adding colour. Opt for a blonde balayage or a pop of vibrant colour to your look without having to bleach or tint your own hair. This is a great way to reap all of the benefits that tape hair extensions have to offer!


With prices starting from $200, you’ve got nothing to lose and only the most enviable locks to gain!