New Year, New HAIR!


I don’t think we’ve met before, but that’s only because Hair Establishment is under brand spankin’ new ownership (exciting!). We have so much to catch up on so boil the kettle, get comfy and relax with our first (of many) weekly blogs. Here you’ll be privy to the hottest knowledge about up and coming hair, fashion and beauty trends (have you seen the latest colored hair stencil craze? More on that later!) We’ll also update you on new products in the salon and give you all the tips and tricks needed to start this year on the right foot. We can’t wait to reveal the coolest hair and beauty events coming up, give you an insiders peak at H.E's inspirations while also keeping you up to date with what’s been happening in the salon - Come on a journey and watch our salon story come alive!

We are completely thrilled to wave goodbye to 2016 and welcome the New Year ahead with a big ol’grin on our face! Here at our Keiraville Salon, we pride ourselves on being in the know and keeping it real! As part of our New Year’s resolution, we promise to never bring you anything basic and always tantalize your beauty radar with fresh info. We at H.E have a good feeling about 2017 and will stop at nothing to be your go-to for the latest trends and fashion advice!

So, without further ado, welcome to The Hair Establishment’s new blog! We love that this adventure has begun at the start of 2017, bringing with it a new ‘us.’ Just to let you know, this New Year has also brought a new you!

Did you end 2016 with wearing your hair in a messy top knot to work each day because you couldn’t be bothered doing something new? Did you DIY balayage by simply letting your regrowth reach a whole new level of neglect (guilty)? Maybe you lost count of the days between washes and dry shampoo or you simply stopped putting flowers in your hair like you used to. Jump into 2017 by being the best you possible and following a few simple rules.

Take care of yo’ hair!

Let’s be honest, as the year goes on we all fall a little behind the eight ball when it comes to our locks. Often our dreams of silk-like manes are crushed once we catch a glimpse of our wiry steel wool buns in the mirror. You’ve tried coconut oil hair masks and even washed your hair with raw egg that one time, but none of these hopeful homemade remedies really lived up to their name. Rest assured, we’ve got you sorted! Why not start the year right and treat yourself to a moisturizing, deluxe hot towel treatment and relaxing scalp massage? Introduce your hair to a NEW salon product that will not only give your hair the benefits of that long lasting shine and nourishment you've always wanted but your tresses will thank you and you deserve it!

Spring Clean in Summer

Ladies, let’s be real. When was the last time you checked the expiry date of that exotic hair mask you’ve only used twice and stashed under the bathroom sink? Thought so. Put on your favorite music, pour a glass of wine, slap on a facemask and start rifling through all of your beauty supplies (yes even the ones you’re keeping ‘just incase’). You’ll be surprised at how long you’ve had some of your products and also become more aware of the ones you actually use. If you’re feeling particularly keen, make a tally of your out of date items and make a mental note for the future. For example, if you have three out of date leave in treatments and one deep nourishing conditioner, you’ll know which one to get in the future, because you’re clever like that.


You’ve wanted a thick block fringe and an ebony bob forever but have never committed to actually going in and getting it done. You might have seen an edgy undercut on a girl working at the fruit shop and second-guessed pulling it off because of maintenance, time to grow out, styling oh and excuses, excuses, excuses! Use this New Year to re-invent your look and finally execute your dream ‘do, at last be seen as the sass queen that you are!

Shimmy your way into 2017 the right way with these handy hints! We hope you’ve enjoyed the first installment of H.E’s blog and stay tuned for all the magic that is to come. Now that you’ve got these New Year, New You hair tips, we hope to see you again soon!



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