Hair Trends for 2017: The Revival!


Get excited guys and dolls, finally a year where the major trends are low maintenance easy-to-do styles! We’re getting in early and predict that these hairstyles are going to be BIG this year with not only celebs running these styles hot on the Red Carpets, but your girl next door embracing her inner siren as 2017 is set to revive and modernize hairstyles from the 50’s onward! Here we will celebrate a two part prediction in bringing back some of the most iconic and unique hairstyles from throughout the ages!

Preppy- 50's

Think Ariana Grande meets Bridget Bardot. This softly swept, half high ponytail is everywhere you look and has taken social media by storm. First made famous by the legendary Bridget, Ari brought this sexy 50's vibe back with a hint of her own sparkle and we love it. This style is so versatile and can be worn in so many different ways, Try slightly messy and soft with some subtle lengthy pieces framing the face, or if your feeling your inner dark lip diva opt for a more sleek version. Add a little extra and channel your Matilda vibes and embrace this super girly trend by adding silk ribbons or bows to your look. Enjoy the Slideshow for all versions of this super easy to do look. Which one is your favorite? Comment Below!


Lusciously waist long and extra straight locks are what 2017 is all about! Whether you are naturally blessed with rapunzel like tresses or if you happen to be swishing some length-for-days extensions, super sleek and extra long manes will be gloriously on trend this year. Will this mean the end for our new super styler curling tong? Should we pack away our wands and embrace this iconic pop goddess look- made famous by Cher herself. These Satin-dark look will be found on the red carpet, runways and you if you please! A full head of our Tape Extensions would make sure you own this look in no time!

Shaggy- 70's

This style is for the beach babe who has just stepped out of the waves and given that cool wet hair a few extra scrunches, only you can appreciate that there’s nothing fresher than a naturally sea washed style! Play with the textures of crisp ends and va-va-voom your volume by lifting those sandy roots! Envisage Farrah without the rolling curls. We want you to embrace texture and volume so think beach and wind! Sweep your slightly waved lob over to one side and add a light wax or gentle sea salt spray to give your hair coarseness and hold, an instant-cool look that will be turning heads from the beach to the bar!

Do you love these revived styles as much as we do? See you again next week when we bring you the hottest return trends from the 80s, 90s and 00s! Can you guess what they will be? Leave your feedback in the comment box below and tune in again Monday to see if your predictions are correct!



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