Hair Trends for 2017: The Revival! Part 2

Continuing on from last week’s installment, this week we’re bringing you extra styles revived from the 80’s onwards. This year, trends are breaking all the rules and renewing iconic hairstyles by adding modern flair. Check out more hairstyles making a return this year that will be sure to ignite your inner style queen.


Channeling rockers such as Joan Jett and Pat Benatar, short and choppy haircuts will make you wish you could turn back time and live in this era yourself! Wispy fringes and feathered ends will give you a unique rock star cut. Re-invent this hairstyle and follow in the footsteps of Taylor Swift by rocking a thick block fringe and creating sharp angles to make this look your own. Take this edgy style to the next level and be inspired by Kristen Stewart’s reinvention of old-school chic by adding short, jagged layers. This versatile cut is not for the faint hearted and oozes confidence and sass. Blow dry straight for that shiny, sleek finish or add volume for a more radical feel.

Hair Flip-90s

Keeping it simple with this DIY sexy grunge look, the 90s have returned! A no hassle young Kate Moss effortlessly pulled this hairstyle off over a decade ago and now you’ll see the likes of Rita Ora bringing it back- You don’t need to be a hairdresser to pull off the hair flip! This whimsical style is easy as pie but will change your look completely. Your hair will naturally sit higher once your part is moved to achieve this look but if its even more volume you seek, add a little mousse or texturizing spray to the mix. Oh, and the handiest tip of all? Use a diffuser attachment on your hair blow dryer to keep your hair voluminous and radiant. You can thank us later.


Is it golden brown? Is it blonde? No! It’s Bronde, and it’s all kinds of glamour goals! If you’re not sure about making the plunge to blonde or think brunettes just don’t have enough fun, why not land somewhere in the middle and enjoy the best of both worlds with this hair color? Think of bronde as being the glass of water between deciding to have another gin and tonic or a raspberry lemonade- both great options but will take you to very different places.

We can’t wait to see these trends roaming the streets this year! Which up and coming styles do you love? See you next week when we will help you prepare for Valentines Day (yes, it’s that time of year already!).



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