Mummy Makeover:  Mums, Glorious Mums!

You absolutely love your little one and all of the highs that come with motherhood. Sharing loud giggles and big smiles, teaching a tiny person about the world and singing with them in the back yard. You love that one curl sitting gently out of place no matter how you comb their hair and the way they flutter their eyes when they’re drifting off to sleep- pure joy! But at some point, you start to realize that while you were celebrating your beautiful child’s existence, you slowly began forgetting about your own.

We get it, being a Mum is tough. It’s not all fairy bread and pirate parties. Sometimes it’s some one else’s poop on your hands and not having enough time to tend to your bikini line. It’s been so long since you’ve found enough time in a day to simply sit down and paint your nails, let alone take your hair out of that five-day Mum bun. Too easily everything else seems to hold more importance than you and quickly you are lowered on the ‘this needs attention’ list. Before you know it, you’re feeling insecure, alone and plain old blah!

You deserve to get pampered, feel fresh and do more than just reminisce about your old radiant self. But who would look after the kids? It would be completely impossible to take a break and steal some time for yourself, wouldn’t it? Never fear, we at H.E take pride on looking after our young mum’s and love it when you bring your kids in! Our child friendly salon offers a fun environment for your little one while you finally get some of that love and attention that your hair missed out on, while you were giving it to your children. Not to mention what a bit o self-indulgence can do for your sanity. So come on girl, get out of those PJs and into the salon chair. When was the last time you had a color or changed your hairstyle? Have you wanted to touch up your roots or finally commit to that fringe?

Whether it is a welcomed excuse to momentarily escape your role as “Mum, Mum, Mummy, Mu-uuuum” or a full-blown mummy make over, a trip to the salon can make you feel all brand new. We at H.E know that outside of being a Mum, you are a beautiful, vivacious, incredible woman too! Your little one or ones may not even recognize you after your pamper sesh (and if you want, we will let you sneak out the back for a breather and a cuppa while we keep them busy, no sweat). So, what are you waiting for? Come on in and get treated to some well-deserved TLC.

See you next week!



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