Why Keratin Is King! Keratin Smoothing Treatments Vs. Chemical Straightening

A regular salon blow dry may cut it for some. But if you’re looking to transform from frizzy curls to a silky smooth style, you’ll be in the market for a longer-lasting solution. We can’t get enough of keratin smoothing treatments- leaving locks healthy, shiny and oh so sexy! Say goodbye to damaged, chemically straightened hair- and hello to keratin enriched bouncy and volumous manes! Read on for our expert info- comparing keratin smoothing treatments with their chemical alternatives.

Keratin: What is it?

You’ve heard the word keratin thrown around like last Saturday night’s dance partner, but what exactly is it? Basically, keratin is a natural protein found in hair, nails and skin.

Why does my hair need extra keratin?

Our keratin levels break down due to products, colouring, stress and pollutants- leaving locks frizzy, dull and tangled (yuck!). Lucky for us, keratin smoothing treatments build up the hair’s protein- leaving it silky smooth, shiny and full of life (seriously!). On the other hand, chemical straightening applies a cocktail of chemicals to hair- breaking down the protein bonds. This causes the hair to stay straight. Those ladies seeking refuge from frizzville may find this method appealing on price point, but your brittle hair won’t thank you in the long run.

Is a keratin smoothing treatment for me?

Is your hair unruly and super sensitive to changes in weather? Are you straightening your hair every day? If this sounds like you, a keratin smoothing treatment is right up your alley, and can save you hours on styling! These treatments are also ideal for ladies seeking a super smooth and sleek style, no matter their hair type. Alternatively, if you have thin hair, chemical straightening can lead to a limp look, lacking volume (which is miss thin hair’s nightmare!).

Any special maintenance?

Apart from not washing your hair for the first 2-3 days and switching to a sodium-sulphate free shampoo, your keratin treatment actually makes your hair super low maintenance! You’ll find it dries so much quicker and hours of straightening will be dramatically reduced! Wrestle with those pesky knots no more! On the other hand, chemically straightened hair will need to be conditioned every day, you’ll find it’s extra knotty due to dryness and hair breakage is at an all time high so it’s recommended to stay out of the sun! We can’t see the point in having newly straight hair and not showing it off!

Whether you’re planning on changing up your look for a special event or simply want to combat seasonal frizz- a keratin smoothing treatment will be a lifesaver! Sleek, shiny and radiant hair is so in, that’s why we recommend sticking with a keratin based treatment over chemical alternatives. Always keep your stylist in mind when considering a new treatment. After all, nobody knows what’s best for your hair like they do!

Love & Peace,

The Hair Establishment Team

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